We are the world’s largest organization and premier provider of Economics, Finance and Management training and education.

Certified members of the Economics, Finance and Management Examiner (CEFME) are associate members of university academics and lecturers, who are interested in elevating their careers to the next level by taking the standard of professional excellence in Economics, Finance and Management. CEFME competencies are increasingly being identified as the best account in business and government employment practices.

Prerequisites for CEFME membership:

  • CEFMEAssociate membership with good reputation;
  • Minimum academic and professional requirements are required;
  • High moral character;
  • Agreement on Compliance with the Regulations and Code of Professional Ethics of the Association of Certified Experts in Economics, Finance and Management.

Benefits of the CEFME Credential

  • Increase your earnings;
  • Promote your career at university;
  • Increase your marketability and safety;
  • Get professional visibility and reliability;
  • To distinguish oneself from peers;
  • Influence your business results.


Join this elite group of international Economics, Finance and Management professionals by earning your CEFME credential.